Daily Observations, Normals and Records


This routine displays daily maximum temperature (degrees F), minimum temperature (degrees F), average temperature (degrees F), precipitation (inches), new snowfall (inches), and depth of snow on the ground (inches). Also provided is a summary of year-to-date precipitation (inches), year-to-date number of days with missing precipitation data, season-to-date snowfall and season-to-date number of days with missing snowfall data. These variables are displayed for a selected station and date. Data are also displayed for the same day the previous year, the 30-year normals and the historical records for that day.

The year-to-date number of days with missing precipitation figure is the number of days between January 1 and the date of interest with precipitation data that are either missing or unavailable. This helps the user determine the amount of confidence that can be placed in the year-to-date total that is displayed. The values in this row under the "Record" column reflect the number of days missing during this period for the years of the maximum and minimum record values directly above it. This explanation is valid for season-to-date snowfall, as well, except that the season starts July 1.

The values in the "Record" column are the extremes for the entire period of record for the station. Period of record for each variable may differ from the station period of record displayed in the ouput header.

Special provisions for February 29th:


The price of this product is $0.25/day.


Daily Observations, Normals and Records

Latitude: 42.21 Longitude: -75.98 Elevation: 1600 feet
Station period of record: 6/1/1951-current

CLIMOD Product: Daily Observations, Normals and Records Creation Time: 10/09/2000 11:59 EDT
Date: March 21, 1959

    1959    1958    Normal     Record  
Maximum Temperature (degrees F) 49 30 42 62 in 1979
Minimum Temperature (degrees F) 19 26 27 3 in 1988
Average Temperature (degrees F) 34.0 28.0 35 48.0 in 1979
Daily Precipitation (inches) 0.34 0.10 0.09 1.27 in 1998
New Snowfall (inches) 0.6 2.1 0.4 5.1 in 1998
Depth of Snow on the Ground (inches) Tr 16 1 25 in 1993
Year-to-Date Precipitation (inches) 5.79 8.29 6.59 Max: 10.76 in 1998
Min: 3.10 in 1969
Year-to-Date Missing Precip Days Count 0 0 - Max: 0
Min: 0
Season-to-Date Snowfall (inches) 70.1 99.2 71.8 Max: 128.8 in 1993-1994
Min: 42.1 in 1988-1989
Season-to-Date Missing Snow Days Count 0 2 - Max: 0
Min: 0

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