Climatological Distributions


This product summarizes the distribution of average temperature or total precipitation for a specified month or 3-month season. The product provides the mean temperature or precipitation amount averaged over the available data during the period 1971 through 2000. (For the seasons Nov-Jan and Dec-Feb, the period is Nov 1971-Jan 2001 and Dec 1971-Feb 2001, respectively.) For temperature, the standard deviation for this same range of years is also provided. For precipitation, the median is displayed. The period of record minimum and maximum values and the years of occurrence are listed next. (For seasons crossing a year boundary, the year listed is the starting year.) The station period of record is displayed in the header. Next, the limits for the three categories, "below normal", "near normal" and "above normal" are displayed, along with the last year that fell into each category and what the value was in that year. These are based on a distribution fit to the years 1971 through 2000. The distribution is evaluated such that 33.3% of the years fall into each category. For temperature, the Gaussian distribution is used. For precipitation, a gamma distribution is used.


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Climatological Distributions

Station: BOSTON LOGAN INT'L ARPT State: MA ID: 190770
Latitude: 42.36 degrees Longitude: -71.01 degrees Elevation: 20.0 feet
Station period of record: 01/01/1920 - 10/20/2003

CLIMOD Product: Climatological Distributions Creation Time: 10/21/2003 11:19 EDT
Element: Average Temperature Units: degrees F
Season: December through February

Climatological Statistics
1971-2000 Mean 31.9 
Standard deviation 2.11 
Record minimum 24.7 in 1933 
Record maximum 37.8 in 2001 
Category Limits
Category Range of values  Year of last occurrence 
Below normal<= 31.02002 ( 27.8 )
Near normal31.0 - 32.81992 ( 31.4 )
Above normal>= 32.82001 ( 37.8 )

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