CLIMOD Product Headers

Each single-station CLIMOD product contains a two-part header preceding the data. The first part is the "standard header", which is the same on every product. It includes the station name and state. The ID is the network-specific identification number. For COOP stations, this is the cooperative station number. Other network ids include ICAO (four-letter airport identifier), and Handbook 5 ids (used to identify stations in SHEF-encoded messages). The identifier listed in the header depends on the way the station was selected. Latitude and longitude are specified in decimal degrees - north for latitude and west for longitude (longitude is negative to denote west). Elevation is the height of the station in feet above sea level. The period of record is the first and last day of available data for this station. The data record may not necessarily be continuous throughout the entire period.

Following the standard header is the product-specific header. This contains the product name and time it was created. Other items in this portion of the header vary from product to product.