Seasonal Ranking


This routine creates a table of seasonal summarizations of daily data for a series of years. The user specifies the starting and ending years, using a starting year of 0000 to begin with the beginning of the period of record and/or selecting an ending year of 9999 to specify the end of the period of record.

The starting and ending dates of the desired "season" are also defined. For example, if the user desires the climatological winter season, the starting date could be December 1 and the ending date February 28. The user can also define the amount of data that can be missing before a month is excluded from calculations. The default value of 10% will usually provide a non-misleading product. Specifying a smaller value, such as 5%, will assure that a season has most or all of its data available and thus any impacts due to missing values should be minimal. Specifying a very large value, such as 90%, will include nearly all seasons with any data, but can be misleading if some averages/totals are based on a small number of daily values.

The following types of analyses are available:

The output can be displayed as either an html table or saved to a tab-, space-, or comma-delimited file. HTML tables are useful when the data are to be viewed online or printed. Delimited files can be downloaded and opened with Microsoft Excel or other popular spreadsheet and word-processing applications.

From the drop-down menu, the user also specifies whether the values in the product are ranked from highest to lowest (descending), lowest to highest (ascending), or chronologically (by year).

The output consists of two parts: the header and the table. The first portion of the header section is the CLIMOD standard header. The next portion of the header provides the element of interest (snowfall, maximum temperature, etc.), the units of measurement, the type of analysis performed (sum, mean, etc.), the user-defined season, and range of years analyzed.

The table consists of a row of data for each season. The columns contain all the summarized values for each season, as well as, the number of missing values during the season. If any of the seasons have more than the maximum allowable amount of missing data, the season is excluded from the analysis and is listed below the table.

The seasonal values are listed in the order specified by the user (i.e. ascending, descending or by year). An average of all the values is displayed following the last year. Following the body of the table is a listing of all years that were excluded (due to missing data) and the number of missing days during each of these excluded seasons.


The price for this product is $0.50/summary.


Seasonal Rankings

Station: KINGSTON State: RI ID: 374266
Latitude: 41.48 degrees Longitude: -71.53 degrees Elevation: 100.0 feet
Station period of record: 01/01/1926 - 08/31/2003

CLIMOD Product: Seasonal Rankings Creation Time: 11/06/2003 12:03 EST
Element: Average Temperature Units: degF Analysis: Mean
Season: 6/1 - 8/31 Period of analysis: 1986 - 2003

Rank    Value      Year      Number of Missing Values
1 71.019990
2 70.720010
3 70.519940
4 70.120030
5 70.019950
6 70.019880
7 70.020020
8 69.719900
9 69.719910
10 69.619980
11 69.119890
12 68.820000
13 68.819960
14 68.619870
15 68.519970
16 66.919861
17 66.719920
Average 69.4

Years excluded because of more than 10% missing days (number of missing days are in parentheses): 1993 (30).

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